Meet Jen


With a degree in Psychology combined with her experience in sound and energy healing, Jenifer believes the physical body is a communication system that allows us to address the underlying emotions stored in our cells and tissues. In her practice, she utilizes her intuitive gifts to create a powerful healing experience through sound and vibration, using the gong, crystal singing bowls, Tibetan sound bowls and more.
Jenifer’s journey to becoming a sound practitioner began with a determination to find peace, and allow her body and mind to reorganize energy and release unwanted emotions. After experiencing the profound impacts of sound vibration healing, she was inspired to learn and share this beautiful work herself.
Jenifer was born and raised in Santa Cruz California, but has called San Diego home for the past 16 years. She is a single mother of three amazing children plus 2 hilarious pugs, and she enjoys traveling, time spent with her family, deepening her spiritual practice and volunteering for various organizations she is a part of.