I specialize in curating transformative sound bath experiences. I'm dedicated to creating serene environments that promote deep relaxation and mindfulness. I offer 4 distinct events for you to choose from, each catering  to your needs and preferences.
Private Sound Bath:  Embark on a transformative journey by yourself or with a group.  I use an array of of bowls, gongs and singing bowls to create a rich and meditative experience. This can be enjoyed solo or with a group. I offer a tranquil space or I am able to travel to you.
Corporate Wellness: Enhance your teams productivity and well-being with sound. This immersive experience promotes stress reduction, boost creativity and fosters a sense of unity. Your employees will leave refreshed and inspired, ready to take on a new challenge with a clear head. This program is also suited for schools, rehabs and home care facilities. 
Sip and Sound: Experience the perfect blend of culinary delights and sound harmony. Savor delicious cuisine thoughtfully curated by Enjoy to complement the sound bath's calming frequencies. It's a nourishing sensory journey. 
Spa and Sound: Indulge in a day of pure relaxation and healing. I will guide you through a soothing soundscape that will align your chakras and promote inner peace. Combined with a personal spa treatment, this event will leave you feeling renewed.
Recent events:
  • Alo Yoga San Diego
  • La Conscious Life Expo 2023
  • New York Beauty Trade Show 2023
  • Las Vegas Beauty Trade Show 2023
  • DVF New York Event
  • Coming soon: Austin and Palm Beach
Let's connect and discuss how my private services can elevate your wellbeing.